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Glenn Bill is a husband, father, coach and business man from Indianapolis. Having more energy and enthusiasm than most people, he is involved in a variety of ventures that elicit his competitive nature and compassion for human beings.

The youngest of five children Glenn earned a football scholarship to Ball State University and began life's journey as a husband and father at a young age. He has been married to his wife, Colleen, for over 20 years, and has four children: Brittany, Anthony, Alex and Christopher.

He received his Real Estate license at the age of 19 and quickly developed a reputation for leading people and creating the feeling of mastery that comes from owning a piece of America. Using the same principles he leaned from his athletic background, he dominated listings and sales in one of the larger nationally branded firms. At 23 years old, Glenn became a partner in a Real Estate franchise that had 16 agents and did just over $600,000 in revenues. Today, he can proudly assert that the company has over 150 agents and an excess of $8,400,000 in revenues. Glenn received International recognition as one of the Top Brokers AND Salesman for over ten consecutive years in a company of over 6.500 offices and 135,000 sales associates. Recently, Glenn has completed one of the largest mergers in a national franchise system and his company now totals in excess of over 350 sales peoples and revenues of over $18,000,000.

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